Jumpoint: Prophet Quest

Book-Cover-Flat_Prophet-Quest_13The following passage is from a forthcoming book by first-time author Calvin C. Cahail slated for publication this summer by Jumpoint Books.

Her tailored suit accentuated her trim body well. She either worked out or had a generous gene pool to draw from. She stood tall, her well-cropped blond hair barely touching her shoulders. Everything was in place. The generous slit in her skirt showed a hint of the sinuous leg muscles Jack had seen earlier. She may drive like a spoiled brat but she obviously knows how to take care of herself. Definitely doable.

Everything seemed normal as Jack looked around. Two women, their laptops open, were discussing business. A shop worker was clearing a newspaper and a finished cup of coffee off an abandoned table. The woman in front of Sara fumbled for change.

“You know, I hate change. It rattles, rattles, rattles in your purse, yet when I try to get rid of some of it, I can’t seem to find any. My husband thinks I’m nuts but…”

“Some of us need to get to work,” Sara said, leaning forward, trying to hurry things along. Her dubious attempt at intimidation was landing on deaf ears.

“I know there’s a penny in here somewhere. Don’t count for much these days but they’d send the cops after me if I didn’t have one, wouldn’t they? Ah, there it is.”

It was a simple act by a simple woman, yet, it would have profound consequences for both Sara and Jack as they stood impatiently behind her. It was keeping them in that specific spot at that specific time. It would change their lives forever.

Without warning, the air blurred red around them and without a sound or spark, with no one in the room the wiser, the folds of time opened and Jack and Sara simply disappeared.

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