Willies Workouts II

WilliesWorkouts_02I did a little more exploring at the website, Willies Workouts, and discovered that The Long Shot Rater and The Ladder Handicapping System were created by “Bill Peterson (pseudonym).” So, if Dr. William F. True and Bill Peterson are both pseudonyms, who is this guy? Clicking on the Buy Now buttons on the respective sell pages for each system will take you to a Paypal account listed only as “Willies Publishing.”

A search for “Willies Publishing” will take you to yet another website where the following links are posted:WilliesWorkouts_04

  1. Horse Racing System Testers: “Here is your chance to try and test a new horse racing system that is in development by Bill Peterson.” However, you must pay for the opportunity. Now why would any sane person pay ninety-nine cents do that?
  2. Super Poker Tournament Player: “You’ve seen them on TV and maybe even in person, the super poker pros Like Helmuth, Brunson, Wynn, who wind up at the last table in almost every tournament they play in.” If you watch any poker tournaments on television, you will understand that seldom do you see the same poker players at the final tables. Willies Publishing is this time selling an MP3 file. “Listen to this MP3 file before a tournament and each night during a tournament to relax and prepare yourself for battle.” If it works for poker players, why not for horse players?
  3. Super Poker Instincts: “This powerful guided relaxation meditation will release the power of your subconscious so you will instinctively know when they are lying or when they are sitting on a killer hand. Stop getting knocked out of tournaments and start knocking them out!!!!”
  4. Super Poker Memory MP3: “Just listen to this relaxing MP3 file for 30 minutes 3-7 times a week and you will have a Super Memory.”
  5. free mini harness racing system: “Free Mini Harness Racing System called, ‘The Jump Start System,’ by Bill Peterson. Start picking winners today with this completely free and easy to use handicapping system for harness races.” Yes! It is free. It is also “meant strictly for entertainment and recreational betting.” However, you are encouraged to purchase “a more advanced system of picking winners at the races.” That link will take you to a page for the Harness Racing Handicapping system I mentioned yesterday which states, “Sorry, this system is no longer available.” It must have been a good one.
  6. Red Flag Method: “How do you know when a horse is going to reverse its form and win with a big price? There are clues and this method will point them out to you? Picks some nice longshots.” First off, the question mark after the second sentence should be a period. Secondly, the price for this long-sought answer is only $5.00. Really?
  7. Quick Contender Method: “Want to know which horses in the race are contenders? This is a great form indicator to quickly estimate each horses current form.” Got another $5.00? That is all you need spend for this information.

There are also links to True Handicapping and The Ladder Handicapping System mentioned earlier.

My impression is Dr. True/Bill Peterson/whomever he really is, is only after your money.

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