I recently subscribed to a free email newsletter published by Wunderdog-Picks. Included in the newsletter are free horse racing selections for one race each day.

The first ten picks I received were for Aqueduct, just outside New York City. The selections and results were enlightening.

  • The morning line odds on their top pick never exceeded four-to-one, suggesting they were looking no further than the top two or three morning line favorites.
  • They picked the winner forty percent of the time, which at first might seem impressive, but the payouts were dismal: $4.20, $4.10, $5.30, and $2.70.
  • Had you wagered a base bet on all ten selections, it would have cost you $20.00, and you would have received a return of $16.30. The track takeout for ten Win wagers at Aqueduct is $3.20, which  means Wunderdog did worse than the average bettor.

To be fair, not enough data is available for anyone to draw definitive conclusions, but Wunderdog-Picks has not shown me any evidence to suggest I pay them money for their services.

The Logical Choice

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