6 Horse Racing Books Reviewed

I recently read a blog post written by Lenny Moon in 2011 titled, 6 Horse Racing Books Every Serious Horseplayer Should Read.” I thought I would comment on the books he listed.

Exotic BettingExotic Betting: How to Make the Multihorse, Multirace Bets that Win Racing’s Biggest Payoffs 

I cannot comment on this book because I have never read it, nor do I have any desire to do so. While there is nothing inherently wrong with exotic wagering, Daily Doubles, Exactas, Trifectas, and the like, have never interested me.

Money Secrets at the RacetrackMoney Secrets at the Racetrack

This book will show you how to manage your money effectively and efficiently. However, if you have been betting on horse races for any reasonable length of time, you will find this book simplistic. There are a few betting strategies presented if you have the money to splurge on multi-horse Pick-3 or Pick-6 tickets, but they are certainly not worth the price of the book.

Modern Pace HandicappingModern Pace Handicapping

This book is a guide to the Sartin Methodology and pace handicapping. I met Doc Sartin at one of his PIRCO seminars in Beaumont, California long before this book was written, back when programmable hand-held Texas Instrument computers were in vogue. I could never quite grasp Sartin’s concept, but his methods for determining pace are certainly valid. My edition of this book includes numerous typographical errors, grammatically incorrect sentences, and fuzzy charts.

The Handicapper’s Condition Book The Handicapper’s Condition Book

This well-written, well-organized book is not currently available in a print edition, but if you can find a used copy it might be worth a read. I say that with this caveat: This book was written more than a decade ago, and conditions for entering a race have changed at many venues due to the influx of casino money at many racetracks. A Kindle edition is listed at Amazon.com, but it is “currently unavailable because there is an issue with its description, content, or formatting.”

Betting Thoroughbreds for the 21st CenturyBetting Thoroughbreds for the 21st Century

This book, currently out of print, was a good introduction to handicapping when it was published in 2009, but it was basically a rehash of an earlier book with a similar name he wrote with Andrew Beyer in the late 1990s. If you can find a used copy, the owner is likely asking for $75 or more. Unless you are a collector of handicapping books, that seems a bit steep.

The Best of Thoroughbred HandicappingThe Best of Thoroughbred Handicapping

This book, published in 2003, consisted of “50 essays” its author believes “represent the field at its best and brightest.” It features examples that use DRF past performance records and charts to help you apply the book’s featured techniques properly. If you are curious, find an inexpensive used edition as images in the Kindle edition available at Amazon are useless for this purpose.

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