The Logical Choice Results


Photo courtesy of USA Today

Yesterday, I wagered on several races at Pimlico.

I live in the Pacific Time Zone, and because of this, three races had run at Pimlico before I hauled my tired old body out of bed. So the first race I looked at was the Rollicking Stakes, fourth race on the card. The bettors were mostly enamored with Sweet Emma Rose, who went to post a heavy favorite at 2-5. Since horses with such short odds typically win seven out of ten races, I chose to pass the race.

The fifth race was an allowance event at One and One Sixteenth Miles. There were four possible bets available to me. Nokaze, (PP9; 4-1 M/L), Marataya’s Tune, (PP14; 9-2 M/L), Joy, (PP7; 6-1 M/L), and Hold Our Destiny, (PP2; 8-1 M/L). The odds on all of them dropped by post time, and as a Win and Place bettor did not interest me. (Exotic players would have cashed big, though as they finished 7-2-14-9.)

Next up was the Chick Lang Stakes. I was interested in Zee Bros, (PP2; 2-1 M/L), Undrafted, (PP9; 3-1 M/L), Bobcat Jim, (PP3; 6-1 M/L), City of Weston, (PP7; 6-1 M/L), and Clawback, (PP8; 6-1 M/L). Bobcat Jim went to post at 10-1 while the others all went to post at lower odds than they opened with. I bet Bobcat Jim to Win ($50) and Place ($200). My place ticket returned $860.

The James W. Murphy Stakes was the seventh race on the card. My potential plays were Notacatbutallama, (PP1; 9-5 M/L), Redwood Kitten, (PP10; 5-1 M/L), Heat Press, (PP4; 6-1 M/L), and Shining Copper, (PP6; 8-1 M/L). The final odds on these horses offered no betting opportunities for me. They ran 10-6-1-11, so if I were an exotics player, I would have been rewarded nicely.

The eighth race was the Allaire DuPont Distaff Stakes. The five-horse field offered no betting opportunities for a Value Player.

Up next was the Gallorette Handicap. The contenders were Samitar, (PP4; 5-2 M/L), Pianist, (PP3; 4-1 M/L), and Old Tune, (PP5; 4-1 M/L). Pianist was 7-1 when I placed my wager, the only horse in the race whose odds went up after the tote board flashed for the first time. Pianist won the race by nearly three lengths and paid $15.40 to win and $7.80 to place. I cashed tickets worth a total of $1165.

There were no playable horses in either the Maryland Sprint Handicap or the Dixie Stakes, the tenth and eleventh races carded. Race twelve, the Preakness Stakes, offered the following contenders: Orb, (PP1; 1-1 M/L), Mylute, (PP5; 5-1 M/L), Departing, (PP4; 6-1 M/L), and Goldencents, (PP2; 8-1 M/L). Departing was 10-1 when I bet while Mylute went to post at odds of 11-1. Neither horse finished first or second, so I lost money on the race.Horse_50x50

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