Watching The Tote Board

On May 24, 2013, I wagered on the fifth race at Belmont Park via my TVG account. The first screen shot from shows various information for the horses entered in the race, and their morning line odds.


24 May 2013, Belmont, Race 5, Entries as Posted at

As a bettor, I was only interested in two of the items listed: the program numbers (P#) and the morning line odds (M/L), but I have included the names of horses for ease of reading and convenience.

In this race, the initial odds posted by the track handicapper had me focusing my attention on the following horses: #9-Stella Girl, #3-Lawless Miss, #5-Resoundingly, and #1-Malibu Holiday. As the horses were loading into the gate, the favorite was Lawless Miss at 5-2; Resoundingly was 3-1; Stella Girl was 5-1; Malibu Holiday was 13-1.

Based on the post time odds, I placed Win and Place wagers on both Malibu Holiday and Stella Girl. As the race progressed, the simulcast money was added to the pool and the odds on Stella Girl dropped to 7-2. Stella Girl was in the lead when her odds dropped, but I was sincerely hoping Malibu Holiday would overtake her.

The final screen shot is of the results chart posted at As you have likely guessed by now, one of the two horses I wagered on won the race.


24 May 2013, Belmont, Race 5, Results as Posted at

Find one winning horse with odds like those of Malibu Holiday on a somewhat frequent basis, say every eight or nine races, and you can turn your horse wagering from a barely-getting-by situation to a serious profit making endeavor.Horse_50x50

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