Are You A Lottery Player?

Have you ever cashed a Pick-6 ticket for thousands of dollars? How about an Exacta ticket worth $500 or more? Most racetracks encourage the “bet a little, win a lot” mentality of the typical horse player who bets Exactas, Trifectas, Superfectas, etc. while never looking at the true odds of making a big score. Are you one of those players? You know, a lottery player. How is that working out for you? Are you ahead of the game? Or, like most bettors, have you lost far more than you will ever win?

Please! Do not get me wrong, I have met a few people over the years who routinely cash multi-horse wagers. If you are capable of doing so, then by all means stick with it. It has never worked for me, though. I’m a Win and Place bettor; a tote board bettor.

Most of you would agree, I am sure, that very few bettors actually make money at the racetrack on a consistent basis. All one has to do is look at the authors of some of the most popular handicapping books available over the last four decades to know this is true. If they are still alive, most of them have jobs, including best selling authors such as Andrew Beyer, who works for the Washington Post, Brad Free, who works for the Daily Racing Form, and William L. Quirin, who is a professor at Adelphi University. I could go on, but hopefully you get the point. Traditional handicapping approaches often do not work as well as advertised. If they did, I doubt these guys would have day jobs.

Evidently, none of these guys ever learned to watch a tote board. That is understandable as most people find the tote board confusing. Odds go up, odds go down, odds stay the same. So how do you determine how to make these changes work for you? That is what The Logical Choice: Tote Board Handicapping Made Easy” is all about. Check it out. It just might work for you.Horse_50x50

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