Degenerate Gamblers Take Note

degenerate-gamblerIf your desire is to become a profitable handicapper, whether it is from tote board handicapping or a more traditional form, you need to keep records of what type of bets you make, how many times you have cashed tickets on those types of wagers, how much money you have collected from those types of bets, etc. If you do not do so, how can you know where to focus your attention, because, let’s face it, most handicappers do not make money from their handicapping endeavors, and they certainly have no clue as to how they spend their betting dollars.

I have a relative, whose name I shall not divulge because he is bigger than I am and he could kick my ass with ease, whose betting habits are, to me, haphazard at best. I have seen this guy play a Daily Double where he wheeled the favorite to three horses in the next race, and at the same time played an Exacta where he placed that same favorite as the second choice under two other horses in the same race. Does that make any sense to you? It certainly makes no sense to me, but I have given up trying to teach him anything because he is one of those ‘know-it-all’ kind of guys who will not take advice from anyone else, even if that someone makes their living doing what he does for a pastime.

One of the wagers had my uncle saying ‘I want the favorite to win’ so he hopefully could cash his Daily Double ticket and the other wager had him saying ‘I want the favorite to lose’ so he hopefully could cash his Exacta ticket. The sad thing is had he cashed a ticket on either wager he would not have recovered the cost of the two wagers. That is what I call a self-destructive gambler. Oh! I should probably tell you, the 2-5 favorite he was so intent on playing ran third in the first race, making both tickets worthless. Some guys have all the luck.Horse_50x50

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