Discrimination Is Never The Answer

handicapping-live_01Have you ever felt left out through no fault of your own? I have. The other day I saw a Twitter post that mentioned a webinar titled ‘Handicapping Live’ to be hosted by Dave Schwartz. It will take place on June 27, 2013.

I registered for the event on June 22, 2013, only to notice a short while later that the presentation will rely on the use of gotowebinar, a product of Citrix Online, LLC.. Because of this, I had to cancel my registration because gotowebinar does not support Linux operating systems, and I have been using Linux Mint for close to a year, and I used Ubuntu for at least a year prior to that.

The issue is this. Why does Citrix Online use proprietary software that excludes a significant segment of the population? They have numerous competitors that host webinars using browser-based technology that excludes no one, so it makes no sense to me. For example, GatherWorks, Inc. provides all the services Citrix Online provides, and no one is left out.

Linux distributions accounted for 4.9% of all computer operating systems in use as of May, 2013, including over a million netbooks powered by Ubuntu that were sold between January, 2010 and April, 2011. Chromebook sales, despite heavy competition from tablets, continue to grow; units are now available in over 6,600 stores around the world, including BestBuy, Walmart and Staples, and online at Amazon.com. Google Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system. Would not a significant number of these buyers choose to watch webinars if they were allowed to do so?

I have never understood the narrow mindedness of companies such as Citrix Online who choose to ignore an entire segment of the population, be they black, Asian, Hispanic, or, in this case, Linux users. To place the ignoring of Linux users by Citrix Online (and many other computer-related companies) in perspective, the Asian population in the United States according to 2010 census statistics was 14,674,252, or in terms the folks at Citrix Online may better understand, 4.8%. Sound familiar?

If Citrix Online openly discriminated against Asians, the federal government would be ‘up in their faces,’ to use the current vernacular. Yet when it comes to presenting webinars online, Citrix Online seems to think it is a good business practice to discriminate.

Note 1: For those of you who are interested in Dave’s presentation, a video of the event will be available on June 28, 2013.Horse_50x50

Note 2: I am not affiliated in any way with any organization referred to in this post.

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