Becoming A Profitable Handicapper Is Not Easy

Kentucky OaksBecoming a profitable handicapper requires dedication to your craft. It also requires hours of hard work, and even the so-called experts struggle to pick winners consistently, because knowing how to handicap a race is just the beginning. While there are dozens of books on the subject, after reading most of them, you come away appreciating the ageless wisdom proclaimed in the following eight words: Those who can, do; those who cant, teach.

Using the methods described in most of the books on the market will show you how, and why, the masses end up playing the horses they do; how the favorites become favorites. However, if you have been around the game for any length of time, you have probably discovered just how hard it is to make money betting on low-price horses. That said, you should read every book you can get your hands on related to handicapping, not so you can use the methods described within their pages, but so you can understand why other people pick the horses that they do; why most people who bet on horse races end up losing money. Understanding your opponents, the people who’s money you are attempting to abscond with, is very important.

You need to grasp the importance of being a contrarian when betting on horse races. You need to understand that wagering on low-priced horses in an attempt to eke out a small profit will only lead you to the poor house. It is relatively easy to find long shots that pay upwards of $18 to win. What is not so easy, however, is suffering through seven, eight, or even ten race losing streaks while waiting for a winner. That is why most handicappers find it difficult to stray from the crowd and ignore the obvious choices. That is why most handicappers who try to do so end up returning to their tried and true handicapping habits, even though those habits cost them money year after year. That is what separates the professionals from the amateurs.Horse_50x50

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