Handicapping System Sounds Great, But…

horse-racing-11The Internet is full of scam artists who promise instant riches with little effort required on your part. All you need to do is give them X number of dollars, follow their “no handicapping necessary” rules and you too can make money betting on horse races. They want you to believe there is no thinking required; that you don’t have to know anything about horse racing. Within weeks, you’ll be making tons of money – all on auto pilot. How can you resist?

Hopefully, you know life is not that simple. The money made from most systems sold on the Internet comes from the selling of these over-hyped methods to the “always hungry for a quick fix” folks who buy a new system every month hoping one of them might actually work.

The writers of the ads on these websites are sales copy experts who know how to push your buttons, to put you into a hypnotic trance. They pull in hundreds of sales while tricking people into thinking they are buying something that actually works when, in fact, they are buying a rehashed system that probably never worked for more than a week or two if it ever worked at all.

On one such website, a woman claims she made $16,000 in two weeks through progression wagering. She tells you up front how she allegedly did it – a form of due-column wagering. She then tries to sell you her “Progressive Staking Calculator” for the reduced price of $7.77. The first question that should enter your mind is this: Why does this woman need your $7.77 if she can make $16,000 every two weeks from betting on horse races?

When you see an over-hyped website such as this one, alarm bells should sound, yet often greed overcomes common sense. People actually fall for the empty promises of instant wealth offered by such websites.

To be a successful handicapper, you need to develop a method that works, and stick with it. You need to filter out the hype, and not allow that email you just received about the latest and greatest handicapping system become a distraction. Do not succumb to the marketers of handicapping systems who are only interested in one thing – getting you to part with as much money as you are willing to give them. They do not care if you win or lose.

You have probably heard this before: “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.” Well then, face reality. If you had an effortless system that actually worked, would you sell it for the price of a movie ticket?

For the curious, type “$16,000 two weeks horse racing” into a search engine, and see how many results you get.Horse_50x50

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