Betting On Horse Races For A Living

At-the-Horse-RaceThere was a time when horseplayers who frequented the racetrack were considered by those who do not have a love of the game as unenergetic, self-indulgent, voracious thrill seekers looking to make a quick buck. After all, everyone knows you cannot beat the races, so why bother to try? Luckily, with the advent of casinos popping up all over the country, things have changed. I no longer have to hide the fact that I can make more money in a year than most of my neighbors who tend to look down their noses at me. I have also grown old enough that I no longer care what other people think.

Wagering on the outcome of horse races for a living does have its drawbacks, however. Family outings on the weekend are non-existent during a meet as most racetracks card races on both Saturday and Sunday. This often restricts one’s social life also as it is hard to go to dinner with friends on Friday night when the last race at Del Mar has a start time of 7:30 in the evening and it can take time to unwind before one ventures out of the computer room to face the world.

So, if you are considering the life of a professional horseplayer beware of the pitfalls away from the track/keyboard. They can certainly add to the psychological nightmare you will experience the first few years as you build your bankroll and master your craft. The importance of maintaining a positive attitude, of controlling your emotions, and having the confidence that your objectives are worthwhile cannot be stressed enough. To make things easier, you need to have the proper outlook and solid goals in mind, and the acquisition of money should not be your ultimate goal. In my case, being my own boss is far more important than any amount of money I might acquire in the process.

It should also be stressed that losing streaks are inevitable. I have lost money over the last five race days, but I know from experience that this is a temporary setback, that a winning streak will soon appear that will place me back in the black. Younger, less seasoned horseplayers, would be pulling their hair out about now. Thankfully, I went through that stage a long time ago, and I rather like the fact that I no longer have to comb my hair.


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One Response to Betting On Horse Races For A Living

  1. Ed Watts says:

    “Being my own boss is far more important than any amount of money I might acquire in the process” is right on! Jim Rohn said “wages will make you a living, profits will make you a fortune.” But not just monetarily, but also what being your own boss will do for your lifestyle. Great post!

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