Are You An Angry Horse Player?


Photo by Emery Way

Having the confidence that your objectives as a horse player are worth the enormous effort required to obtain them is crucial to your survival as a professional handicapper. It is not always an easy task to accomplish, but if you maintain the proper attitude and focus on your goals, positive results are certainly attainable. Money should not be your ultimate goal as money is only a means of keeping score; a reward, if you will, for properly playing the game.

I have seen more than one unhappy horse player over the years screaming that the jockey riding his horse stiffed him in the stretch; that the horse would have won the race had it not been boxed in by another horse; that they must have moved the photo finish camera in order to get the angle they wanted to make sure the horse he had backed was not the winner. The anger is always directed at something the player has no control over, when in reality it should be directed inward as his anger is just as much his fault as it is the horses, jockeys, and trainers he backed en route to failing to meet his objective for the day.

Playing the horses is a sophisticated puzzle that needs to be kept in perspective; to be viewed as a lifelong challenge, something to be constantly improved upon. It should be looked at as a marathon race, a mountain to be climbed, a decathlon to be won. It should not be about making money because as any professional horse player will tell you, you will face a lot of lean days on the road to success. Assuming, of course, you are capable of overcoming the inner demons that keep you from becoming a successful handicapper.Horse_50x50

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