Handicapping Horse Races: You Are In Control?

1280px-Slot_machinesBetting on horse races is one of the few forms of gambling I know of where the person making the wager has control over his own environment. You are not subject to the whims of blind luck or an indeterminate string of losses. You can leave that to the people who frequent casinos and leave their money at the craps tables or in the bellies of slot machines. Believe it, or not, when you bet on the outcome of horse races, the odds are on your side even after you take into consideration the huge takeout the racetrack insists it need to operate because you are not betting against the racetrack, you are wagering against your fellow bettors.

You can choose to ignore them if you wish as most bettors do, but solid wagering opportunities exist at tracks throughout the country every day, and it is you and you alone who can pinpoint situations where you have a distinct edge over your competitors. Now, granted, you will not cash a ticket on each and every one of the wagers you make, but if you are diligent you can cash enough of them to make money over an extended period of time. The key is to have an edge on every bet you make. The key is seeking out Value Plays while most of the players around you are betting down the odds for the top three favorites.

Once you accept reality, and stop playing follow the leader, you can confine your wagers to Value Plays. While you will not see as much “action” in doing so, you will leave the track with money in your pocket more often than you currently do. If you restrict your wagering to horses with odds of 7/1 or greater, you will have an edge over your competitors even if you only cash one out of seven bets.Horse_50x50

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