Bullheaded Horseplayers Abound

hollywood-park-programThe attainment of knowledge commences only after failure has been accepted and understood. We have within us an innate disposition to blame our defeats on aspects beyond the extent of our control. This is especially true of horseplayers, and their rationalizations for the negative results they incur over the course of time can be daunting. They will castigate jockeys, trainers, horses, track biases, lady luck, anything but their own poor judgment. Such irrationality hinders the advancement of comprehension and competence. Successful businessman do not cling to concepts that have been proven unreliable, yet horseplayers do so with bullheadedness.

Challenging the deficiencies in your character is not an easy or enjoyable task. When the going gets rough, even reasonable people tend to relapse; to adhere to comfortable, if erroneous, procedures. So, how do you overcome these tendencies? How do you remain on track? How do you replace the routines that continually lead you down blind alleys?

It requires a slow, steady progression, and determination to reach your goals is paramount. Results may be hit-or-miss with forward movement often impeded by setbacks as your old habits rear their ugly heads, but if the deficiency is recognized early and acknowledged as part of the learning process, advancement can come quickly. Gradually, but unequivocally, the propensity to repeat unworthy procedures is crippled and replaced by a reasonable, contemplative approach that can confront any and all encumbrances.

You can begin by learning early on that you cannot wager on every race if monetary success is one of your goals. You must focus on your handicapping strengths and confront your weaknesses. To do anything less is counterproductive; a sure sign that you are happy with your standing as a mediocre horseplayer. Only you can decide whether you want success or mediocrity; if you need something to brag about to your friends and relatives, or if you need something to complain about.Horse_50x50

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