Do You Have Psychological Diarrhea?

sadgirlsilhouetteCAT_01I can hear the naysayers now. “What does this have to do with handicapping, or horse racing for that matter?” My reply, of course, is it has everything to do with handicapping and horse racing. So, allow me to begin with definitions.

Diarrhea originated with the Greek word, diárrhoia, which means “flowing through,” and Psychological, of course, pertains to things which affect the mind, “especially as a function of awareness, feeling, or motivation.”

Now, surely, based on those definitions, you know someone who wagers on horse races who has Psychological Diarrhea. Someone who allows their unawareness of what it takes to be successful to motivate their mental approach to winning. How else can you explain their incessant need to wager on low-priced horses in a vain attempt to catch a winning horse at any and all cost?

Believe me, I understand. I’ve been there. For decades, I scoured back issues of The Daily Racing Form in search of the “key” to finding “the winner” in every race. That’s what dedicated handicappers, those of us with Psychological Diarrhea fully on display, do, much to our later discomfort as we tally up our balance sheets at the end of a meet.

Unfortunately, finding “the winner” most often leads proficient handicappers to one of the top three picks everyone else suffering from the same disease has focused on, which results in the odds of those three horses being bet down to a point where profit from wagering on them requires a winning percentage that is impossible to attain. I know! In 2009, I found a selection method that produced 59% winners from 105 wagers over a six week period, and still I would have lost money had I bet on those selections.

Mind you, this was after I had achieved success from my tote board wagering endeavors, so, you see, Psychological Diarrhea is not any easy disease to deal with. Deal with it you must though if you are to profit from your horse race wagering.Horse_50x50

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