Making Money From Handicapping: A Daunting Task

long-shot-12-1Whenever I watch a horse race, an indescribable feeling overtakes me. During the minute or two in which the event takes place, I forget completely that I have money invested in the result of what is unfolding before me. I invariably urge on the horse attempting to close ground in the middle of the track, even if I might have money wagered on the horse on the lead. In my mind, at that moment, those horses morph into the ill-bred stallion with the home-grown jockey, both fresh off the farm, just like the countless movie scenarios I have seen since I was a boy.

I wish that were true for everyone who places a wager on a race as there is truly something beautiful about watching horses run, but most folks interested in horse racing have a predilection for placing a wager or two. It is the final outcome of the races on which those bets were made that drive people to shout obscenities at jockeys and trainers after a race despite the fact that it was the horse who lacked the ability to challenge the eventual winner. I am sure some of these people are merely releasing pent-up anger because they hate their job and they wish they could fulfill their dream of spending every day at the track, but how people express themselves after a race has concluded will tell you a lot about whether said individual has the temperament to become a full-time gambler.

Making money from wagering on horse races is a very daunting task, and it is the rare person who is able to make that dream come true. Though the number of horseplayers who make money from their betting endeavors is much larger than most would think, the number is still relatively small, and to join this elite group of investors ultimately boils down to the temperament of the handicapper and his ability to find those horses which cause people to exclaim, “Can you believe he paid that much!?”Horse_50x50

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